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At Cork Osteopath Clinic we offer a wide range of osteopathic treatment services. Listed below is a brief description on the the most common services that is available at Cork Osteopath Clinic.

Cork Osteopath Treatments.


     1.     Back Pain 

Disc  Problems,  sciatic nerve pain and back muscle spasm.

     2.     Neck Pain

whiplash, nerve entrapment muscle pain ,disc problems

     3.     Hip Pain

pelvic imbalance , glutal muscle pain, upper hamstring pain

     4.     Sciatica Treatment

nerve entrapment ,muscle pain

     5.    Mother & baby massage

teaching parents how to interact and learn gentle massage techniques

     6.     Headaches

migraine , jaw pain (TMJ)

     7.     Nerve Pain

upper and lower back pain that involves the nerves

     8.    Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle treatment used on the very young to the elderly

     9.   Sports Injuries

on muscle tears ,or sprains ,A.C.L.  or M.C.L.

    10.   lymphatic Drainage Massage

Helps to eliminate waste more efficiently ,reduces swelling


Osteopathic Techniques Used At Cork Osteopaths

A combination of techniques will be used in your treatment to achieve an optimal result. If you have reacted to a treatment technique or would prefer if a particular treatment technique is not used, please inform the osteopath at your first visit to your Osteopath .


Mobilisation is a term used to describe soft tissue massage, active and passive joint movements and muscle stretches. This is used to assist the return to normal function by reducing pain and / or increasing range of movement.

Osteopathic Manipulation (H.V.T. technique)

Osteopatic Manipulation (H.V.T.) this technique involves the Osteopath applying a high velocity, low amplitude thrust movement to a joint, most common being the spine but may be to the arms or legs. It is most commonly used for area’s of the spine. By releasing the disfunction or restriction of movement temporarily the patient is able to commence exercises to prevent recurrence of their symptoms.

Soft Tissue (Remedial Massage)

This procedure is commonly applied to muscles, and consists of rhythmic stretching, deep pressure and traction. Its purpose is to move excess tissue fluids (oedema) and relax tight muscles and other connective tissues, fascia, tendons, ligaments.

Muscle energy technique (M.E.T.)

For this technique the patient is directed to use his or her muscles to provide resistance in a specific direction. The purpose is to restore motion, decrease muscle/tissue tightness and restore symmetry to muscles.

Acupressure (Muscle Release)

The application of pressure or localized massage to specific sites on the body to control symptoms such as pain or nausea. It may be performed in a similar manner to traditional Chinese acupuncture or to treat areas of tightness or trigger points.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

PNF involves stimulation of the neuromuscular mechanism to either activate or relax muscles along specific pathways. This is an important part of rehabilitation and our osteopaths are qualified to use these techniques to help your recovery and prevent re-injury.
If you would like further information on Osteopathy treatments avaliable at cork osteopath clinic and what we can treat or to book an appointment then please call Victoria Ryan at AAA Cork Osteopath clinic on 021 4323220