Sports Injury


Sports injuries are injuries that usually occur during  sporting activities. Some of these injuries are due to poor training practices, lack of conditioning, lack of proper stretching and warm up, and improper equipment.

Most sports injuries will appear to go away on their own only to come back , sometimes even years later. Any area of the body can be injured during sports or exercise, however, they usually involve the ligaments and tendons, bones or muscles.  The most common of these are sprains and strains, knee injuries, fractures, dislocations, compartment syndrome, and shin splints.

Types of sport injuries

Sports injuries can either be acute or chronic. Acute injuries occur suddenly. Signs of an acute injury include: a sudden sharp pain, inability to place weight on the injured part, swelling, extreme tenderness, weakness, redness, throbbing sensation, a visible break or dislocation and limited or no range of motion
. Chronic injuries are typically the result of overusing certain areas of the body
over a long period of time. Signs of a chronic injury include: a dull aching sensation when resting, intermittent or constant swelling, pain during exercise and stiffness of an area that gets better with movement.
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