Your First Visit

What to expect during your first visit.

When you first visit Cork osteopath clinic  a detailed history will be taken, including medical is very important to inform your  osteopath of all past and present medical information ,   All information will be taken in the strictest of confidence. You may be asked to remove some clothing so that a postural assessment can be made. This will include a static evaluation and simple mobility testing to assess how your whole body relates mechanically to your complaint. A examination will then focus on the area  which appears to be causing the problem.The treatment usually lasts a hour .
Where and when necessary, we can arrange specialist investigations such as X-rays or M.R.I. scans quickly, and obtain necessary reports before discussing them with you. These  may assist with  the diagnosis, enabling the osteopath to start a suitable treatment plan  with you. Osteopathy is patient centered, which means our treatments are based on each individual and their complaints.although for the most part osteopathic treatments are painless its not unusual to experience a bit of pain afterwards